Horizon Smoker® 16 Classic Backyard Smoker: Perfect For Small Parties

If you’re planning for a small barbecue and if you want to make sure the barbecue’s going to be perfect, I strongly suggest that you use a Horizon smoker® 16 classic backyard smoker. It’s the one that’s mostly used by people for parties with about 40 attendees.
Now, if your party is going to be bigger, you can buy a Horizon 20 that can cook for a hundred partiers for a single cooking time. This is the one that I am using at home. This one’s a bit expensive – a little less than 2000 dollars. The 16 model is about $800.

Decide And Place Your Order Early
Now, if you will decide, you must decide early because delivery time for Horizon smokers is longer as it takes four to eight weeks for the item is delivered. So if it’s a Halloween party, place the order as early as August.

Horizon Smoker® 16 Classic Backyard Smoker: For Small Communities
That’s what the title is saying – it’s perfect for small barbecue parties. The model’s perfect for American barbecue culture. We Americans have a habit of gathering people in the neighborhood for weekend meetings – to talk about important issues, to bond, or simply to relax. These gatherings are usually small in size. Don’t you think this has been considered in the making of this model?
This model is a good unit for communities that gather in different houses or backyards during weekends. My advice is: Divide the price according to the number of members and buy one unit. Remember, no one among the members has complete ownership of the unit; it’s everyone’s property.

Horizon Smoker® 16 Classic Backyard Smoker: A Unit That Will Last
We always have small parties because they are easier to plan and prepare. For this, we need reliable and durable barbecue smokers that we can trust. The heavy-metal make-up of the Horizon 16 can effectively tolerate constant external pressures. Examine the seams and the fastenings in between metal structures they are really tight and strong.
Look at the steel wagon wheels for transportation of this model– they are sturdy yet they can glide smoothly. We need smokers that can be easily transported from one place to another. And sometimes the road can be so rugged it can damage the unit. This model has been designed to hurdle this kind of pressures.

Great Cooking Time
Barbecues play a major role in barbecue parties – that’s the point. It must be always good cooking. My 20 has never let me down ever since I started using it. The barbecue is evenly cooked and not too dry or too soft – just the right cooking always.
They say that it’s all about the metal structure in my Horizon 20 and its horizontal build. I can’t agree for sure but the unit has never ever let me down.
Well, the price is a bit heavy but the it always makes me feel confident – whether it’s a small party or anything bigger than that. I am a mother with many kids and grandkids – that’s the only reason why I did not opt for the smaller and cheaper Horizon smoker® 16 classic backyard smoker.